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Blessed Leo New Moon!!
Officially it was yesterday, August 19th, 2020
at 4:42am CET and 26° Leo!

BUT the first day of the cycle we honor the darkness,
we go inward; we indulge in silence …
so I show up today with the first and thinnest lunar segment
to saw the Seed of Magick in your Heart
for the next four weeks.

Let’s see which are the vibes
swirling around us now!

This Lunar Cycle is about Loving with all our Hearts;
being passionate & courageous …
but also taking the time to REST.

Sipping the Lion’s Wisdom.

In today’s video I share some guidance
on how to harness the power of these weeks
and come out at the end of the cycle renewed!

Plus I’ve included something new …

I invite you to stay till the end
and keep what resonates most with you!
Make your inquiry and play with the video’s cursor
slide it until you FEEL that is the right point
along the bar …and watch there!

Trust that what you are going to hear
is what you need now.
Or simply watch it all!
As you are here, there’s some magick for You!

As usual this is a collective message,
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I Roarrrr at our New Cycle!!



THE BRIDGE OF TRANSFORMATION – Cancer New Moon Cycle Guidance


Happy New Week!
Happy New Cycle!
Happy Cancer New Moon!


And so we are here!
At the edge of a new chapter!
I had a reading for You
to receive divine guidance & wisdom
towards this new portal that opens up
today July 20th and will close on August 18th, 2020!

The Energy felt a bit stagnant
as I was going through the spread
You may notice me having some challenges
with the words …or cards
delaying their appearance.

However I decided to keep going,
to share it as it came
to give You permission as well
to be as you are!


In fact, even though it seems that
we are still in between two worlds …
Crossing the Bridge of Transformation,
the rewarding fruits of our Inner Work
are starting to sprout!


Watch my video for further insights, now!!


I also remind You, before to say goodbye,
to join TalisMoon Membership!
Doors close at Midnight CET!
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Sending Love; Joy & Blessings
for a New Cycle filled with Wellbeing & Happiness!





Here we are to the second and final part
of this short 2 video series
to honor & harness the Power of the Closure!


Today’s the very last day of this Moon Cycle so,
after the reviewing with an open Heart
that we went through yesterday,
now we definitely seal this part of the journey!


Keyword is SURRENDER!!


Detach from any activity (whenever possible)
and go with the flow,
let Cosmos & Your Inner Self to speak to You!!


This is the time to RECEIVE Guidance,
even the Oracle reinforced the message!
Just make sure to be truly committed to Your path!!


This is a little part of all the Magickal Work
we do in Talismoon Membership,
Your Sacred Place to be each week of the cycle
to reconnect to your True Essence & Creative Power!!


Doors will be closed tomorrow!!
I’m looking forward to cocreating with You!!



Moon Magick | Last Quarter in Capricorn ~ April 8th, 2018

Blessed Last Quarter in Capricorn (19°)!

This is the Harvest time of the Lunar Cycle when
looking back to the previous three weeks we ask ourselves:
What have I learnt?
What have I understood?

By answering these questions we have the opportunity
to embody the learnings of THIS cycle
so that they become part of our Personal Wisdom.
With this higher & wider knowledge then
we move forward towards another cycle.

This is the time to acknowledge what has reached its purpose
and is now old & useless for our growth and evolving path.

This is the time to let go what is dis~aligned with our current vibes
and to get clear about what these things (people, situations, habits, beliefs …) are.
With this humble clarity we are called to be corageous
to release our attachment to what can hold us back.

Only through this releasing process we create the needed space
for more expansion; more growth; more experiences; new desires …
to enter our existence.

As we move across this metamorphose we naturally start
to get crystal clear with what to focus on
for the next lunar cycle.

And so we shift into the Balsamic Phase of the Moon,
a few days after the Last Quarter,
while we get closer and closer to the New Moon.

Here is the introspective and withdrawing time of the cycle.
A period to definitely empty ourselves
from the last remaining clutter of this cycle.

Slowliness. Darkness. Loneliness.
The focus goes from the outside to the inside.
What unfolds inside us is enlightened now.

By harnessing our emotional internal turmoil
we find out what truly matters to us
that is what we want to bring into the next cycle.

Give importance and space
to our most intimate feelings, sensations, intuitions.
Let them to guide us towards the next goals.

Release Utterly.
Empty Faithfully.
The Keywords.

The clarity we gain about our needs
and the challenges that we have the power to solve
is related to the depth of our consciousness & self~awareness;
to the level of commitment we have for our Vision
and to how we have assimilated and integrated the experiences of this cycle.

WOW! That’s a lot of Magick!
Play the video here below now for the live Moon Attunement
and to get some extra divine guidance from the Tarot Cards
that showed up to support our evolution!

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Here to mentor You in creating a beautiful transition towards your magickal life!
Much Love
Silvia •)O(•