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We are completing another Lunar Cycle!
Can you believe we are already moving
towards the end of August and
the last part of this potent year?!?!

I don’t know about You …
but usually I Smell & Sense
the Spirit of the New Season
when it is coming, when it has started
its trip to come to visit us!

Summer is almost over here in the Northern Hemisphere!

This means we are now truly starting the journey inward,
descending into our depths and obscurities
to find the treasures of our growth in there.

Aahhhh, this feels familiar ground to me!!
As a Scorpio Wild Wise Woman travelling across
the shadows and mysteries of life
makes me feel excited and at home!

What about You?

This is what this week’s LOVE MESSAGE brings up too!
Completing a cycle and making space for the new
we are reminded to keep journeying WITHIN!

It is there that our abundance lies.

In the space that we create
we need to broaden our vision
to discern what we’ll focus on
for the next 4 weeks and
what feels right to say farewell to.

It is a Natural Process
and for this we have to be Playful with it!

In this reading I have introduced a new element …
An Intuitive Oracle drawn live, eyes closed for Us
to receive fresh & juicy Divine Guidance!

then I encourage you to go through some research
during these days and find out what the symbol
means for YOU!!

I hope You’ll enjoy this little artistic treat of mine!!

Last but not least …
With the end of the Moon Cycle the doors for my
So You are invited to join us
for a month of creative co-creation with Lady Luna
or a whole year (or more!) of magickal trans-formations
harnessing the power, wisdom & magnetism
of the natural cycles!!

I’m looking forward to activating with You
our witchy gifts & crafts
under the Moon’s Lights & Darknesses!

Blessed Week!



How attuned do you feel to today’s Moon Phase?
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It is happening in just 10 minutes!
At 6:47pm CET today we celebrate the Last Quarter of this Moon Cycle at 20° Taurus!

We are at the second crossroad of this lunar month and we are now in between two Worlds:

  1. We look back at the past 3 weeks:
    What is still useful to our growth? Keep It!
    What is now useless? Let it go!
  2. We start becoming clearer with our new commitments/desires for the next cycle.
  3. We declutter to prepare the space for the new and we keep ourselves grounded in the Present moment!

That’s it for this synchronization!
They seem three ease steps but they can be quite intense!

So I leave it up to You …and I’d LOVE to know how you are navigating these days and which emotions you are feeling!
Comment below!

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Before to say goodbye …
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LOVE & MoonBlessings





Which are your insights for this week’s Love Message?
What does resonate most for You?
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Welcome to a brand New Week!

How are you today after the Lion’s Gate weekend?
The energy has been pretty intense here and I certainly feel renewed vibes running through my veins! I feel more clear with what I desire and more grounded into my desires! Which means I don’t want to hide anymore who I truly am inside! My Inner Fire; my Passions; my Sensuality & Sexuality!

I’ve been misunderstood many times in my life for this “Hot Nature” of mine, specifically with Men, this is what I am talking about. But today I wake up to a new awareness: THE CHOICE IS MINE!

I can be whoever and how-ever I desire & feel deep inside, unapologetically.
The right people will respond with a healthy and vibrant joy to my Nature, understanding immediately that Passion; Desires; Sensuality; Sexuality …are SACRED to me!

Now comes my role. I peacefully can let go of others. And above all, as these things and aspects of who I am are Sacred Material to me, it is up to me to embody this so that it is so crystal clear to those around that there can be no doubt about it.

I enlighten this because it is our own responsibility the way we behave and especially what we choose; who we choose and the golden rules & boundaries we create for ourselves so that our Person and our Life can be honored and respected first of all by ourselves and consequently by others!

Oh, this message comes so straight from my Heart and so authentically!
I hope indeed that You too can feel its true frequency!

I also share it because the core of our Love Message for this week is TRUTH REVEALED WITH EASE.
It is that Truth that we can share so firmly and gently because we know clearly what we want and who we are!
This kind of Truth benefits our Relationships! All of them! With Ourselves; with Spirit; with Family & Friends …
But above all this week I sense that the message goes straight to our LOVE RELATIONSHIP!

It is here that we need to Nourish the Bond; to let our inner world to emerge; to show our truest Heart and to share our deepest feelings giving a sweet & powerful Voice to them! Because LOVE is also about Trust: Trusting that We can experience what we desire; Trusting the unfolding process of creation of our Love Story and Trusting our Partner too!

This way is the way to make it SACRED!!

In case You’ve read until so far without watching the video first …I’ve sown some seeds of this week’s intuitive reading here & there through this post and I now encourage You to PLAY THE VIDEO so the seeds can bloom into Scented Flowers of Wisdom & Truth for You!

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Pouring Sparkling Magick & Miracles upon us
for a LOVE FILLED week!






This Full Moon is called “Pink”
because it refers to the color
of the Spring Blooming Buds
that are filling our World these days!

Can you smell them?

It’s an incredibly sunny and bright day
here in Italy from where I write You
and I’ve been feeling all the magnetism
of our satellite since yesterday …
it’s getting better now as She is already waning,
the peak was this morning at 4:34 (CET)!


How are You?


This Moon comes to give light to our Relationships.
As usual the first ONE is the one with OurSelves.
Then we consider …our partner; God; friends;
family members; colleagues …

It is the symbol of the scale that comes up.
Balancing TWO sides of the same topic;
two forms of the same matter;
two options or points of view …

Which is Your case?

I invite You to save some timespace to ponder about
which duality You feel like bringing on the plates of the scale
to create ONENESS out of them through LOVE.
And …here’s the news …there’s no duality in this New World

I also remind You that BALANCE
is a point that we never truly touch;
it is a perpetual movement.
A constant and consistent adjustment.


The power which is able to mold everything
and everyone into the same huge Essence …

Let’s use the light of this pink moon
to see our World infused of a new shade
and to embody the miracles that are possible
when we are LOVE.

MoonLight Blessings & Magick upon You!


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