Cheers to the Sacred Union within You!
Cheers to Your Wholeness!

Here we are at the dawn of a brand new month!
It’s MAY DAY!!

We start May celebrating Beltane, the Sacred Union & Marriage of the Feminine with the Masculine! Cards mirror this Energy …we are invited to go deep within to attune with what gives US pleasure first, so that we can enjoy it with someone else, especially our ONE AND ONLY!

The sense of re-union with ourselves and our dearest loved ones is strong. Our Inner Northern Star, the Bright Pure Light of our True Essence, shines intensely to guide us as we share our Truth. We are asked to keep on being loyal with our internal pulses and desires to proceed as smoothly as possible along our Ascension!

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I’d love to know how this message resonates for You!
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Have a beautiful, sweet, pampering May!!

Sending LOVE to you!


Be Happy to Manifest Your Desires ~ Oracle Guidance for February 19th-25th, 2018

Happy New Week!

Before to start I want to Thank You for your warm affection in reading, liking, sharing ..my posts and interacting with me! I am grateful for your presence and it means a lot to know that I can touch other human beings with my words!


I love the cards that I pulled for the next bunch of days!
Happiness (from my deck The Magick Path) and Strength (from Colette Baron-Reid’s Uncharted Map).

The message for us this week is to stop worring about everything and start to enjoy more the life that we have!
Laugh more! Be joyous! Embody Happiness!

When you immerse yourself into these vibes, that is the moment that ignites magick and you begin to manifest amazing things! This week all is possible when you …

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Much Love
Silvia )O(