Once a year for Halloween I open a very special portal for You!
I receive messages from the Ancestral World to support You!

This year I felt called to offer 8 Ancestral Readings for €88.
Consider that one of my Private Oracle Readings is €288,
this is a juicy opportunity indeed!

I wanted this to be an easy chance for those of You who are meant
to receive these important messages!
Of course I’ll go through the readings with the usual Love & Passion
for my Beautiful Sacred Work,
especially in such an intensely transformative time like this!

When You FEEL that this offer speaks to You,
As I write the first spots have already been taken!
So be bold and save yours too!!

All I need to know after transaction is:

1) the Name/Surname of Your Dear One;
2) the relationship You have with Her/Him (Mother, Father, Sibling …etc …)
3) Your question to Her/Him or otherwise just let me know that you are open to receiving whatever they have to tell You.

Simply send me details to love@silviacamerini.com,

Thank You!  

That’s it!
I’ll deliver the Message in a week/10 days
via audio file to your email. 

The offer is valid until Noon CET, November 2nd 2020!!
Hurry Up! Open up to receiving the Special Message from Your Dear Ancestor NOW!!  




Which card/message does resonate with you the most?
Let me know in the comments below!
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We are completing another Lunar Cycle!
Can you believe we are already moving
towards the end of August and
the last part of this potent year?!?!

I don’t know about You …
but usually I Smell & Sense
the Spirit of the New Season
when it is coming, when it has started
its trip to come to visit us!

Summer is almost over here in the Northern Hemisphere!

This means we are now truly starting the journey inward,
descending into our depths and obscurities
to find the treasures of our growth in there.

Aahhhh, this feels familiar ground to me!!
As a Scorpio Wild Wise Woman travelling across
the shadows and mysteries of life
makes me feel excited and at home!

What about You?

This is what this week’s LOVE MESSAGE brings up too!
Completing a cycle and making space for the new
we are reminded to keep journeying WITHIN!

It is there that our abundance lies.

In the space that we create
we need to broaden our vision
to discern what we’ll focus on
for the next 4 weeks and
what feels right to say farewell to.

It is a Natural Process
and for this we have to be Playful with it!

In this reading I have introduced a new element …
An Intuitive Oracle drawn live, eyes closed for Us
to receive fresh & juicy Divine Guidance!

then I encourage you to go through some research
during these days and find out what the symbol
means for YOU!!

I hope You’ll enjoy this little artistic treat of mine!!

Last but not least …
With the end of the Moon Cycle the doors for my
So You are invited to join us
for a month of creative co-creation with Lady Luna
or a whole year (or more!) of magickal trans-formations
harnessing the power, wisdom & magnetism
of the natural cycles!!

I’m looking forward to activating with You
our witchy gifts & crafts
under the Moon’s Lights & Darknesses!

Blessed Week!


Weekly Elixir for a Divine Guided and Magickal Life – June 24th, 2018

Happy New Week, Love!


This week I’ve changed the title
of the Oracle Sessions that I offer to You!

Considering the readings as true “power potions”
to sip slowly; to savor fully and
to let them work their magick on us
while we create the life that we desire!

Hope that you like it! Let me know! 🙂

Said this let’s dive into the cards!

From my deck The Magick Path, they are:
Miracle; Balance and Celebration!
All upright!

More Masculine energy is coming
up to support our journey.
As we recognize the miraculous nature
of everything that is with-in and with-out us
we are invited to nurture all dimensions of our beings:
mental; emotional; physical; spiritual; energy.

When we create balance then we can experience
more energy flow available to us and
we feel more powerful!

Next step?
Go out and celebrate!!
The last card is the same of last week
and it is highlighting the importance
of gathering with those we love and care about
to SHARE our joy; our achievements; our insights!

Life’s meant to be lived together!

For the full reading play the video here below, now!


As usual I am so glad to receive your feedbacks,
whether they come from a private message
or here below from the comments thread!

Share how the cards’ message resonate with you.
True growth expands through communication!

I am available all Summer long for private readings.
I can support up to 4 clients/week during this season,
so as you feel called to explore one of your dearest issues
with Me & My Oracles: book your spot now
before to be directed to the waiting list! 😉


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Love You!

Have a fabulous week!



Oracle Friday: which is the energy trend for this weekend July 21st~23rd, 2017?

After all the spiritual work we have been doing during the last several months we are now called back on Earth by being grounded and by honoring our physical vessels.

We are like the sailing ship now, we know our destination as we can see it on the horizon …which is the breeze that moves us forward?

To receive the whole reading for this weekend, play the video below NOW!


Book your private reading with me, today!

much LOVE
~ StarSilvia