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I love the reflection that this week’s
Love Message invites us to go through!

It comes from the card Commitment
that it is showing up quite often lately
in my readings, especially reversed!

As this is a repeating message we need
to pay special attention to it at this point!

So, the question that Spirit has for us is:
” How committed are you to your desires? “

Sometimes we do not witness things manifesting;
or we experience delays, obstacles, challenges …
or we lose the hope & faith in our path …

In other words we forget or we let fade away
the passion & beliefs that we had put
into our projects, dreams; aspirations …
at the beginning when we sow them
as little seeds in the fertile ground of our Life!

These days the Divine asks us to double check
with our WHY!
The reason, the purpose, the aim
below the surface, at the root and core
of our first decision to receive its
materialization in the physical realm.

I leave here a blank space [ .  .  . ]
for you to fill it with whatever can emerge!


Feeling lost in the quest?
Do you need at least ONE anchor to take a breath
and see things from a different perspective?

Here comes Spirit again!

Of course for further clarity and how tos
on this LOVE Message I encourage you to
play the whole weekly video now!!
There’s much more Wisdom to sip in there!


To our committed week!


As I went through my own reflections
I came to this consideration:
Sometimes there are stories that apparently
do not have a WHY.
We cannot find a reason why they unfolded
the way the did to us!
Well, what if THIS is exactly the BIG WHY
behind them?
Which means that the simplest teaching
they came to us with was to surrender completely;
to trust; to let go; to have faith in the Mysteries of Life!

What if these Mysteries are just
Blessings & Gifts in disguise?

Again, I leave some blank space [ .  .  . ]
for you to meet your own insights!


Embody Your Truth Ep.1: Donna Brown and El Camino de Santiago

Embody Your Truth series is here with Episode #1!

In my Heartstorming, the path of Authentic Rebirth through the Portal of the Heart, I voice the importance of attuning and aligning with our Core Essence, so that we can be bold and courageous to express it into the World!

I also guide You along this process of Self Emersion.

Today I interview Donna Brown, a Woman who is Embodying Her Truth through her Sacred Work & Life! By sharing her testimonial, my aim is to give you concrete proof that IT IS POSSIBLE, to connect to our Purest Potential & to incarnate our truth through our own Life!

Donna, who just came back from her pilgrimage along El Camino de Santiago, indeed WALKS her path speaking her message of Compassion and shows that even though there can be obstacles or challenges, when our goals & purpose are clear: solutions; opportunities; people …appear.

Join us for an exploration around what it is possible for You too, when you listen and attune to your Heart’s voice.
We talk about the principles of transformation in the ever-evolving journey to Embody Our Truth!

Consistency; Intuition; Detachment; Doing things for us (which leads to do things for others!); being open to Variations (there are so many ways of self expression!) are the hottest topics that emerged from our exchange.

Inspiring. Encouraging. Motivating. Storytelling.

Play the video now to enjoy the interview!


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Self Expression | Oracle Guidance July 1st ~ 7th 2018

Happy New Week!

This time I’ve been called to share
a message about Self Expression with You!

So I asked the cards how we can
tune into the power of our authentic voice
to express who we truly are with the World.

The Oracle brings up:
Wisdom; Sun and Healing Reversed!

Play the video here below to enjoy the whole reading!

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THE WISE STARSHIP | Oracle Guidance for May 7th ~ 13th, 2018

Welcome my Darlings!

The New Week definitely starts on Sunday!
We begin the new bunch of days ahead with the day of the Sun.
The day that speaks about our character and our inner potential,
in orther words our internal, brightest STAR!

By harnessing this personal light we remember our greatness
and we scatter shining sparks along the days of the week
with our plans, intentions, appointments …because everything we do
it’s our opportunity to share our Sun; to illuminate the Planet
and to bring more love & joy into our life!

We also leave some space for suprises, miracles, changes and unexpected gifts!

I feel particularly inspired today because I still have the adrenaline
of the special message that I share with You in my video
running through my veins!

This week in fact I open up about a “secret” (not anymore now! 😉 ) call
that I received lately … this divine command signs a milestone in my lifepath and career!
By doing so, I boldly encourage You to do the same:
whatever the subject may be for You;
whatever the area of your life is now asking you for transfomation
…You can embody it!

Well, I stop here and let You to unveil all this mystery!! 😉
Play the video below now!
Yes! the Oracle Guidance is included too!
I’ll keep sharing the wisdom of the cards as we need a tool
which is divine and terrestrial to support our evolutive journey!

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Thank You for your understanding and support as I transition
My Self & this Website towards our next creative expression!