MAMA AYA, Sacral Connection Podcast Ep.6

This week I’ve been called to talk to You through the Power of Sounds, so I have a special podcast to share with you.

Make sure to be undisturbed as you listen to it and to ground in the here & now at the end of the audio eating a grain of salt and drinking some water.

In fact we go on a Shamanic Journey, channeled for You!

Our Spirit meets Mama Aya, from the Womb to the Heart, in an experience which is both grounding and elevating! Spiritual and Terrestrial to the core!

Let’s immerse in our Shamanic adventure! In Episode 6 we travel lulled, scattered and embraced by Mystic Sounds! Play the video here below NOW to enter this captivating podcast! 

How does this Episode resonate with you?
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In today’s Podcast I’ve mentioned again the Heartstorming Experience as we have a special Shamanic Journey included into it too! I am looking forward to welcoming you into the whole Heartstorming process!!



HOLY DAYS | Spirit’s Strong Presence



Every week of our life is Holy!
This one in particular whether you celebrate it or not
has a very strong Presence of Spirit!

Let’s hear its message!

The first part of this bunch of days is about productivity
& focus on that work that gives us material rewards.
Choose one special action each day
that can support your evolutive path!

As we move towards the weekend we may feel tired
and weak for all the activities we went through,
so make sure to balance with extra selfcare
and moments of rejuvenation.
Re-Connect to Nature!!
Especially let’s practice more  Gratefulness
for what we already have in our life!!
It’s time to share our feelings with the World,
to come out of the closet and open our Heart boldly!
On this regards the Heartstorming Experience
can support You immensely to reach your core truth and to embody it;
CLICK HERE to join it today!!

What we are living is a self exploration journey,
here for us to face our deepest Truth.
Soon we’ll be able to Voice it loudly!!
Let’s start from loving ourselves more
and consequently others too.

Have a magickal miraculous week!!




24/7 IN(NER)-TUITION | Weekly Oracle for April 30th ~ May 6th, 2018

This is a SUPER WEEK!

We start with the Scorpio Full Moon (April 29th/30th) and soon after
we celebrate Beltane (April 30th/May 1st), the sacred marriage between
Masculine & Feminine and the festival of Life!

The energy is bulcking up with profound, intense, passionate
emotional states and amongst this cosmic turmoil
we need a focus point to hold us balanced
as we proceed along the elegant red thread of our destiny.

It is here that the Oracle comes to share an encouraging message
with us and helps us to remeber what is crucial
this week to our evolutive journey.

And the card is (drumroll) …Spirit!
Find out what’s the golden nugget it has for us, play the video below now!

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A surprisingly magickal week is ahead of us.
Let’s embrace it fully!

* Silvia