We are here! August 8th, The Lion’s Gate Portal is fully open and active!

Once a year we have this huge opportunity, amongst several others, to expand and grow spiritually as individuals and as collective too.

Today is about cosmic alignment between the Star Sun & the Star Sirius. In a state of alignment we experience flow, manifestations, illuminations, awareness …in other words huge opening of all channels. We quickly become more powerful and at the same time we also are more easily vulnerable. Where Vulnerability stands for a state of being of non-resistance, of letting go and trusting. So …a deep state of Spiritual Power!

This Portal offers us Renewal in all areas of our Life, for each one of us it will resonate and work in specific aspects, those that need more transformation. So we are intensely pushed through the Portal and we are asked to make decisions, to create changes, to let go, to upgrade, to face what we haven’t so far and to deal with all this stuff with the courage, the strength, the authenticity of the Roaring Lion.

The Gate pushes us to be sovereigns of our own existence.
To move as Kings & Queens across the ever-transforming Land of Life.
To stand boldly in our throne and dance & float with the tides.
Emotions can be high. Desires can be burning.
Our truest nature can roar the need to be seen and to express itself.

The Energy of the Portal is infused with the Essence of the Lion.
The ardor of the Fire Element is kindled. Fire is also about purification.
Burning the old to let the new grow from the ashes.
This is all reinforced by the double 8, symbol of infinite expansion and by today’s new moon!!

It’s our time to perform on the stage of life, to let our unique voice (Roar) be heard by the audience, to show up, to be the shining Star finding stability, clarity and royalty in our Hearts!

As we go through this process we understand that we are birthing.
An upgraded version of us and of Humanity.
Suddenly it becomes clear how the matter of all this is LOVE.

LOVE as the fuel, the fire, the motivation, the cure, the transformative force through the portal and the portal itself. When we understand that all runs around LOVE and we are able to vibrate at its frequency, then we are propelled at lightspeed into a new dimension where everything is possible in the very same instant we desire it and where we embody our greatest power.

LOVE as the code.
LOVE as the key.
LOVE as the password.
To unlock all the doors and move smoothly towards where we are meant to be!!

To support your Lion’s Gate passage I am offering 8 intuitive Oracle Lions with customized message channeled just for you! Order yours now! You’ll receive the printable pdf with the drawing and your personalized reading via email.

Have a Blessed Day!!




Let me know how the message resonates for you!



Lion’s Gate is an Energy Portal opening up in the Cosmos from July 26th towards August 12th, each year.
It’s peak of width is TODAY on August 8th!

Imagine two Pillars of Light with a giant golden gate in the centre.
This day the doors of the gate are wide open at the maximum of their ability.
So the maximum of light can pass through the cosmic passage!

This event brings up the powerful numerology of double 8 (August the 8th month; on its 8th day!), where the number stands for the Infinite! Infinite Possibilities. Infinite Expansion. Infinite Growth. Infinite Evolution. Infinite LOVE!!

As it unfolds during the Leo Season there is a strong emphasis on the Heart, its Power, its Authenticity, its Royalty …all aspects of the King Sign, Leo!

And because the super bright Star Sirius, holder of Spiritual Light, rises at the horizon during these days, we are into a threshold of Divine Downloads. New Light Codes are ready to present to us; to descend to us and be embodied by us as we evolve; upgrade; transform and ascend through this portal & awakening experience.

Each one of us will receive the insight/s that we are ready to welcome according to our own evolution at this moment of our life! Journal; notice changes in your attitude, perceptions, feelings & thoughts; observe YourSelf and Your behaviors …I encourage You to LIVE FULLY NOW and double check with Your report/s and YourSelf on August 13th and throughout the end of this powerful month: How have You changed?

In today’s intuitive reading I gift you with some extra guidance from the Oracles, so that you can receive the Love Message you need to hear to feel supported in this intense passage and so that you can stay on track with what counts more than anything NOW, in our NEWBORN LOVE ERA: YOUR HEART & ITS POWER!!

Of course this is a collective reading, to dive deeper into your own personalized one, BOOK YOUR SPOT NOW!!



Before to go …here’s an extra magickal gift for You! I love to share my “in progress” Lion’s Gate Talisman!! It is still unfinished as I intuitively create in layers and it has now asked me to pause, before to witness the next layers … ENJOY!!
You can use it to tune into Your Heart and focus on its power! Just stare at it hands on your physical Heart and believe! Feel the Expansion! Act according to the guidance that you receive!


That’s all for today!
Bright Blessings, beloved!!
Roar Your Divine Essence!!