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We are completing another Lunar Cycle!
Can you believe we are already moving
towards the end of August and
the last part of this potent year?!?!

I don’t know about You …
but usually I Smell & Sense
the Spirit of the New Season
when it is coming, when it has started
its trip to come to visit us!

Summer is almost over here in the Northern Hemisphere!

This means we are now truly starting the journey inward,
descending into our depths and obscurities
to find the treasures of our growth in there.

Aahhhh, this feels familiar ground to me!!
As a Scorpio Wild Wise Woman travelling across
the shadows and mysteries of life
makes me feel excited and at home!

What about You?

This is what this week’s LOVE MESSAGE brings up too!
Completing a cycle and making space for the new
we are reminded to keep journeying WITHIN!

It is there that our abundance lies.

In the space that we create
we need to broaden our vision
to discern what we’ll focus on
for the next 4 weeks and
what feels right to say farewell to.

It is a Natural Process
and for this we have to be Playful with it!

In this reading I have introduced a new element …
An Intuitive Oracle drawn live, eyes closed for Us
to receive fresh & juicy Divine Guidance!

then I encourage you to go through some research
during these days and find out what the symbol
means for YOU!!

I hope You’ll enjoy this little artistic treat of mine!!

Last but not least …
With the end of the Moon Cycle the doors for my
So You are invited to join us
for a month of creative co-creation with Lady Luna
or a whole year (or more!) of magickal trans-formations
harnessing the power, wisdom & magnetism
of the natural cycles!!

I’m looking forward to activating with You
our witchy gifts & crafts
under the Moon’s Lights & Darknesses!

Blessed Week!


THE BRIDGE OF TRANSFORMATION – Cancer New Moon Cycle Guidance


Happy New Week!
Happy New Cycle!
Happy Cancer New Moon!


And so we are here!
At the edge of a new chapter!
I had a reading for You
to receive divine guidance & wisdom
towards this new portal that opens up
today July 20th and will close on August 18th, 2020!

The Energy felt a bit stagnant
as I was going through the spread
You may notice me having some challenges
with the words …or cards
delaying their appearance.

However I decided to keep going,
to share it as it came
to give You permission as well
to be as you are!


In fact, even though it seems that
we are still in between two worlds …
Crossing the Bridge of Transformation,
the rewarding fruits of our Inner Work
are starting to sprout!


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Sending Love; Joy & Blessings
for a New Cycle filled with Wellbeing & Happiness!